Halal catering

What is halal catering?

Halal catering means any food catered are allowed to be eaten according to Islamic Sharia law. For any food catered to be considered halal it must comply with the religious ritual and observance of Sharia law.

What is halal certification In Singapore?

This means that food has been subjected to approved certification systems which guarantee to consumers that nothing in thefood has any forbidden components. Halal certificates are issued, for a fee, by a certifying body. In Singapore, this body is MUIS.

Halal catering and culture

Well known for its food culture, people who cherish and love food as much as Singaporeans would definitely plan a trip to Singapore. The different ethnic groups, made up of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasianoffers a very diverse and interesting food scene and created foods that are of mixed heritage and uniquely Singapore. The lively food scene has also attracted many tourists all over the worldand chefs to experiment and present creative interpretations ofclassic dishes.

Despite many cultures and races in Singapore, the love for food has brought all together and created the Singaporean cuisine. However, due to religious beliefs, halal products help to meet the needs and make it acceptable for larger groups. When comes to gathering people for events and parties,halal catering will ensure the food served can be eaten and enjoyed by everyone. Although halal food is not found at every corner, you will be surprised by the varieties of food that they serve and it tasted just as good.

If you are planning for an event next time, I am sure my all-time favourite halal catering vendor RaselCatering Singapore will definitely wow you with their food selections and bring you a visual treat. By engaging them as a halal catering partner, I am not at all worried when Ihave Muslims guests coming and even gave them idea on who to look for halal catering service. I have used other halal catering establishments before but not all are as consistent and most importantly, offers a variety to satiate appetite.

Nonetheless, in a country that organizes meetings and conventions every year and known as food paradise, halal catering will meet everyone’s needs and introduces exciting and unique dishes for everyone’s enjoyment. With the increasing number of tourists and new chefs who are flocking to Singapore, it will further enhance its identity as a food paradise and raise the bar for halal catering.Halal catering also allows the muslimsto consume halal food but cooked in other ethnic style.

Some of the Reputable Halal Caterer in Singapore

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